Authentic Chinese Cooking

spicy A1. Spicy Cumin Chicken 8.00
spicy A2. Spicy Diced Chicken 8.00
spicy A3. Hot & Spicy Chicken 10.00
spicy A4. Boiled Pork in Hot Oil 9.00
A5. Flame Seared Pork 8.00
A6. Eggplant in Brown Sauce w. Pork 9.00
A7. Fried Pork w. Green Beans 9.00
spicy A8. Double Sauteed Pork 10.00
spicy A9. Shredded Pork w. Garlic Sauce 8.00
A10. Shredded Pork w. Dry Bean Curd 9.00
A11. Shredded Pork w. Pepper w. Potato 8.00
spicy A12. Spicy Sour Triple Shreds 8.00
spicy A13. Boiled Beef in Hot Oil 12.00
spicy A14. Boiled Fish in Hot Oil 12.00
A15. Sweet & Sour Fish 10.00
A16. Braised Fish 9.00
spicy A17. Spicy Braised Fish 9.00
A18. Eggplant in Brown Sauce w. Shrimp 9.00
A19. Braised Tofu w. Shrimp 9.00
spicy A20. Fried Spicy Shrimp 10.00
A21. Salted & Pepper Jumbo Shrimp 12.00
A22. Sauteed Green Beans (or Spicy) 8.00
A23. The House Beef 10.00
spicy A24. Fried Shredded Potato 6.00
A25. Eggplant in Brown Sauce 9.00
spicy A26. Eggplant in Garlic Sauce 9.00
A27. Fried Tomato w. Eggs 6.50
A28. Sauteed Vegetable w. Garlic 8.00
spicy A29. Mapo Tofu 7.25
spicy A30. Spicy Braised Tofu w. Veg. 8.00
A31. Tofu with Sha Cha Sauce 7.25